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Program 1

WISA ServicesCA


Work Incentive Specialist Advocate (WISA’s) – WISA’s are individuals who have been certified to provide work incentive counseling services to DAR clients who are receiving Social Security Disability (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Virginia WISAs use WorkWORLD (WW), an online, Virginia specific program that provides accurate information on how an SSI/SSDI beneficiary’s financial circumstance will change once they go to work. Our credentialed WISA’s are certified by Cornell University ILR School Employment & Disability Institute. 


We believe that our personal and professional experiences enable us to provide person-centered approach along with accurate information that focuses on the empowerment, self-sufficiency, and independence of individuals with disabilities who receive disability benefits and other public entitlements. Our goal is to help our clients make informed choices and decisions which will result in a decreased reliance on public benefits programs and thereby increasing their self-esteem and the financial well-being of our clients. In serving our clients, we prioritize the needs of our clients above all else, which is the epitome of the person-centered approach.

Certified DARS Vendor # 252134


Program 2

Kid’s Law Academy

The Micro-Nonprofit Network Inc is committed to be a part of the social justice movement. Earlier this year the organization partnered with the Chesapeake Police Department to host several community conversations and events with diverse groups which included community leaders, women, children, black men, and police officers. Our platform was called “Beyond the March” it is a movement that requires strategic planning for a three-year time period.

The Kids Law Academy was birthed from one of the community conversations with children. TKLA was started to address some of the social justice issues that were sparked by the death of George Floyd, but from the perspective of kids who are often left out of the conversation and community forums. Our 12-week interactive program was designed by a kid’s advisory board, staff, community leader, and experts in law enforcement. The programs aim to introduce kids to the law enforcement profession and to allow kids a voice for advocacy and change within our communities. Our 12-week programs include some of the following sessions:

  • Arm & Ready (Fire arm safety & Gun range visit)
  • Black & Blue (Understanding Policies & Advocacy)
  • Camera Ready (Evidence Collection & Photography)
  • Judge That (A Mock court proceeding)

Program 3

Bag Lady Project

The Bag Lady Project is designed to provide life changing resources and services to young women aging out of the foster care system. We strive to help these women with their transition to adulthood by providing them with foundational tools that will enable them to thrive and take pride in themselves. Annually, we will honor these women at a gala hosted by the Micro-Nonprofit Network. Each woman will receive a new or gently used designer purse filled with new items used to enhance her look and/or boost her self-esteem.

Throughout our program – 3 to 6 months, depending on each woman’s needs – we will provide the following resources to assist the women as they become more self-sufficient:

  • Assistance in locating the appropriate housing
  • Food assistance
  • Budgeting/financial management
  • Bus tickets
  • WISA services
  • Girl Talk group/counseling sessions
  • Clothing assistance
  • Job preparations skills
  • Life skills
  • Effective communication
  • Leadership skills
  • First time parenting groups
  • College preparation skills
  • Entrepreneurship training


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