Our Services

Starting & Growing Nonprofits

Consulting & Coaching

Through our consulting/coaching we help diagnose the company to see where we can assist the organization in meeting its mission and vision. We also help the organization complete a community needs assessment. We also help them to start their initial business plan.

Quarterly meetings & Trainings

Through our quarterly meeting and trainings our partners can meet for brainstorming, networking, and strategic conversation about how to better serve their communities and to find out what’s going on in the nonprofit world and best practices.

Grant Writing

Through our grant writing trainings we help the organization develop a plan for a strong grant proposal. We also help the organization understand the main components of a grant application.

Forming a 501c3 Organization

We help small nonprofits with the paperwork needed to form a 501 C 3 organization. This include helping with the preparation of Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Conflict of Interest, EIN number, and the 501 C 3 EZ application.

Nonprofit Advocacy

Through this component we try to be the watchdog for out nonprofit partners. We try to keep them informed on what changes are occurring that may impact small nonprofits. We also research for institutions that will provide capital to small nonprofits. Through our research we also try to locate the best banking institution for small nonprofits.

Program Development

Through this component we strive to help our partners develop programs that will be attractive to local and state funders. We discuss developing data collecting tools, goal & objectives, needs assessments, program budget, and evaluation of the programs. We also help the client understand the need to have a fee-based program in place when there is no grant opportunity.

Other Services

The Micro-Nonprofit understands that community outreach is important in serving the community and to help meet some of the critical needs that are present in at-risk communities. In order to address some of those needs the Micro-Nonprofit offers the following programs:

WISA Services

We provide a person-centered approach along with accurate information that focuses on the empowerment, self-sufficiency, and independence.


Kid’s Law Academy

The Micro Non Profit Network is committed to be a part of the social justice movement. Explore our new programs.


Bag Lady Project

The Bag Lady Project is the Micro-Nonprofit’s annual event to honor women who have lived in shelters, hotels, or just single moms struggling to provide for their families.



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